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Chris Bennett - "Live in Berlin"
Renegade Entertainment CBS 2405


the city has always held a special fascination for me. For the past 20 years of my life wonderful things always happen to me in Berlin ... [mehr]

cover Chris Bennett - "Live in Berlin"

Chris Bennett - Vocals, Piano (except 3/5/12), Armando Castagnoli - Alto Saxophone, Helmut Bruger - Synth., Piano on tracks 3/5/12, Stefan Weeke - Bass, Ernst Bier - Drums, Mz. Bobbye Hall - Additional Percussion overdubs

1. Shimmy Softly Ch. Bennett/ Cynthia Tarr 4:43
2. Nice Work If You Can Get It George & Ira Gershwin 2:36
3. Skylark H. Carmichael/ J. Mercer 5:14
4. One Man Show Ch. Bennett/ R. L. Tener 4:06
5. My Foolish Heart N. Washington/ V. Young 5:12
6. You Took Advantage Of Me R. Rodgers/ L. Hart 2:43
7. If You Could See Me Now T. Dameron/ C. Sigman 4:50
8. Theme From Midnight Express Ch. Bennett/ G. Moroder 5:09
9. Drifting Ch. Bennett/ R. L. Tener 4:12
10. One For My Baby H. Arlen/ J. Mercer 4:23
11. New For You Ch. Bennett/ Cynthia Tarr 4:18
12. Ain't No Game Ch. Bennett/ Cynthia Tarr 6:05

Recorded Live at the A-Trane Jazzclub Berlin, Germany August 15, 1998
Engineer - Wolf Blazejczak
Mixing - W. Blazejczak & Bob Loftus
Mastering - McKinley Marshall/ Brave New Media





BERLIN, the city has always held a special fascination for me.

For the past 20 years of my life wonderful things always happen to me in Berlin. The audiences are the best in the world - maybe because the people are raised with an appreciation of music, theater and the arts - they really know how to listen. It was my great pleasure to perform there in the summer of 1998 and record this album "Live".

I first visited Berlin in January of 1975.It was very different then - the city was divided into East and West and the "Wall" that divided the two cities was guarded by machine guns and barbed wire. There was an energy in West Berlin that I had never experienced before. The few times I visited the East I met people longing for freedom and hungry for tales of what it is like to work in New York and Los Angeles. The theater and music scene was vibrant on both sides of the wall. The Germans love the arts and support them in a way from which we Americans could take a lesson.

My recording career began in Germany when I met Giorgio Moroder in Munich and recorded my first albums with him and Pete Bellotte. It was the era of "Disco" and Giorgio was the forefront of the music at that time. I became the lead singer of THE MUNICH MACHINE and worked with Giorgio on several projects including the "Theme From Midnight Express" which I am happy to include on this new CD. I learned to speak German and made many great friends before moving back to Los Angeles in 1979.

In the summer of 1998 one of those friends, Tom Cunningham, a gifted singer/ songwriter, helped me to book an engagement at a summer Jazz Concert in the English Garden Berlin. My musicians were Ernst Bier, Stefan Weeke, Helmut Bruger, and my friend and sax player from Tahiti, Armando Castagnoli. It was such a wonderful experience that I was invited back the following summer and had the privilege to work again with the same band. This time we added five shows at the A-TRANE, a beautiful jazz club in Berlin. On the last night of that engagement we recorded this album. I brought the tracks back to Venice Beach with me where I added my dear friend, the great percussionist, Mz. Bobbye Hall, to three of the tracks.

I hope we have captured the joy of that hot, August night in Berlin on this album. It was a night I will always remember. For those of you who hold this CD in your hands - thank you for listening ! Music is truly the international language. May it bring us closer to the understanding that "we are all one" - CB


Ernst Bier

Ernst Bier

Ernst Bier

Ernst Bier

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