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spontaneous international jazz friends


In 1997 Ernst Bier and Stefan Weeke were touring a lot as a rhythm section for many different bands. One night their schedule brought them to Istanbul where they were to play at a festival for the exchange of art and music between Istanbul and Berlin.

Ernst BierS.I.J.F.

v.l.: Stefan Weeke, Önder Focan, Ernst Bier

Backstage the great Turkish jazz master Önder Focan invited them to visit a well-known jazz club after the concert. The two did and, together with many other musicians, shared a great night of jazz and improvisation. In the early morning, when the sun came up over Istanbul, new friendships had been made that led to a new international high-class jazz formation: The spontaneous international jazz friends ... sijf.

This was followed by a tour through Turkey and a couple of concert visits from Önder Focan to Germany. Inspired by these live activities the musicians decided to give their music a chance on a record.

So here it is-another picture of what jazz is about-spontaneity and improvisation-here in a small jazz group ensemble, on an international level. We hope you enjoy it.

Stefan Weeke



Aktuelle CD:

S.I.J.F. - "no.one" (2003)

mail: ernst.bier@jazzdrumming.de

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