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("At Night When You Go To Sleep")
A film by Werner Kubny

Edited by: Rheinhard Wulf and Enno Hungerland (WDR/3 Sat)



A music documentary of a very special sort: with jazz drummer Ernst Bier, the film dives into the night world of a music that since the time of Charlie Parker and the other bebop revolutionaries has "told life's story" (M. L. King). Ernst Bier, who lives in New York, Berlin, and Cologne, is like so many jazz musicians: his life revolves around the music .

Ernst Bier"Nachts wenn du schlafen gehst" (Cover)

The inner necessity of playing jazz is both a calling and an act of fate. The jazz musician's family is composed of the players who spend their time in jazz clubs, recording studios, practice rooms, and festivals. As a rule they have a deep understanding of their field; they will not blindly submit to the general conception of what the music is about. For them, the artistic expression - the projection of ideas and feelings - is so worth striving for that they are willing to forgo what others consider as important in order to devote themselves to the essentials of their music.

Stylishly shot in black and white, this film not only conveys the art and atmosphere of jazz in concert (as indeed has been the intention of most jazz films since the 1940's); with its portrayal of an intensive musical lifestyle, the film carries the viewer into a seldom-documented world. A film with Ernst Bier, Mack Goldsbury, Ed Schuller, Frank Möbus, Reggie Moore, Rudi Mahall, Zam Johnson, Felix Wahnshuffle, Jan von Klewitz, Mesut Ali, etc.

60 minutes b/w and colour - 16:9 broad image - stereo

3 Sat: Thursday, 10-31-1996 - 22:25 o'clock
WDR: Tuesday, 11-5-1996 - 22:30 o'clock
WDR: Thursday, 1-2-1997 - 22:30 o'clock

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Ernst Bier
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