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Karl Schloz Trio - Made in Berlin


"This is contemporary swinging music."

The Karl Schloz Trio - Ernst Bier, Lars Gühlke, Karl Schloz. Three musicians, colleages, characters, and friends. For a good couple decades. A trio founded in the random chaotic music scene of the European metropole Berlin. Us three were gravitated to this town and together for many rhymes and reasons, and I am forever thankful and inspired for that.

Foto: Bert Klemp

We have seperately and together played with and for a vitrually endless list of noteable and important musicians, productions, recordings, and shows. We have been around the block, paid our dues, seen a thing or two, crossed many bridges, and drawn some lines in the sand. It matters, is serious, and makes a difference. I refuse to list things anymore, but that body of work is the mountain we stand on.The music we create is all of what we can encompass in improvised spontaneous soulful heartfelt jazz. I call what we do jazz, and that is an honorable title with a heavy mass of meaning. Our music is inclusive, open, organic, touching, edgy, and beautiful. It can swing like the Devil and make you dance, it can suspend in the air
and make you wonder and yearn. As I would say, 'It is what it is and take that for what it is worth.'
This trio is my jazz trio. My brothers Ernst and Lars. The sound and the soul.If you have read this, have a look and listen to the Trio, and I wish you the joy and pureness of how we felt as we played.

                                                                                           Karl Schloz July 25, 2020 Berlin, Germany


Playing regularly in Berlin and concertizing through out the country, this group has forged a unique identity of the whisper-like intensity that never loses sight of the past, present and future of jazz. Drawing a repertoire from Charlie Christian to Baden Powell, Gershwin to Jim Hall, "Togetherness" in sound and spirituality, this trio has a love of the melody and a passion for interaction.


Karl Schloz raised in St.Louis, began his professional carrer at the age of 16 and soon was playing with the finest musicians in the area. After music school Karl moved to New York City with the urging of famed guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, where he became a working member of the competitive jazz and studio scene; playing in big bands and trios in all of New York´s finest venues. Karl now lives in Berlin, Germany with his wife and two children.

After moving to Berlin, Karl quickly became active in this East meets West music culture. He has recorded with Till Brönner, Manfred Krug, and Hildegard Knef and performs regularly in Berlin´s jazz clubs. Karl´s debut release on Nagel-Heyer Records, "A Smooth One", was released in May 2001 and has received critical acclaim.

PUBLISHED RECORDS AND PRODUCTIONS:  Burger Lars Dietrich, No Angels, Tom Gaebel, Thomas Quasthoff, Jonas Kaufmann, Rolf Kuehn, Mark Murphy, Adoro, The Wise Guys, Bill Ramsey, Pe Werner, Klaus Hoffmann, Annette Louisianne, WDR, NDR, Hessischer Rundfunk, Theme for the Kurt Kroemer Show, SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon, I have a Rocket cartoon, Universal Publishing Production Music, Said, Sarah Partridge, Tony Corbiscello, Sonny Fortune, Katherine Talbach, Berlin Voices, Dirk Erchinger, Nagel-Heyer Records, John Colianni, Deutsch Oper, New York Philharmonic, Three penny Opera, Annie, High Society, Pippin, RBB, Deutsche Gramophon, Universal, Sony, Edel, Warner Bros, Babelsberg Film Orchestra, David Rose, Schumann&Bach Productions



Lars Gühlcke studied double bass at the Conservatorium in Hilversum and Amsterdam with Ernst Glerum, Koos Serierse and Micha Mengelberg. After a stay in New York, he has lived and worked in Berlin since 2000. In 2005 he had an engagement in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai with the Joe Haider Trio for 10 months. In addition to Ed Kröger, he also works as a freelancer in various formations with: Larry Porter, Vincent Bourgeyx, Ted Rosenthal, Ignaz Dinne, Ann-Hampton Callaway, Michael Keul, Giacomo Aula, Michael Clifton, Sebastian de Krom, Joe Haider, Sangoma Everett, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Felix Astor, Michael Kersting, Heinrich Köbberling.


Ernst Bier, studied drums with Billy Brooks, Charlie Persip, Vernell Fournier and Elvin Jones, then lived and performed in NY City between 1982 - 1987. Since his return from the States, Ernst has lived near Cologne and finally settled in Berlin, where he also teaches clinics. The list of musicians he has worked with reads like a Who's Who of Jazz. With his sensitivity and constructiveness, Ernst has developed into a highly appreciated and much requested drummer.





What the press has to say:

Schloz's smooth style is deeply reminiscent of Charlie Christian. A native of St. Louis, the 34-year-old, Berlin-based guitarist, a former student of Bucky Pizzarelli, stays rooted in the tradition of swing, avoiding risky experimentation. Whether playing an upbeat Benny Goodman tune or a romantic Rodgers and Hart ballad, Schloz swings with such technical precision and smooth phrasing that his music is enjoyable and accessible for the seasoned jazz aficionado and new fans alike. Schloz dislikes being called a swing musician and his mastery of the seven-string guitar is evidence enough that he's a modern player.
                                                                                              www.bloomberg.com Dec. 2005

"Three big cats on the prowl"
With its swinging contemporary music, the Karl Schloz Trio thrilled the audience at the Heilbronn jazzclub Cave 61 in K3
Karl Scholz has what one usually calls "an original voice"; he has found and come to grips with his own unique musical language. His playing in the concert was persuasive.through his elegant, fine-tuned interaction with drummer Ernst Bier and bassist Martin Lillich.
Heilbronner Stimme, June 2002


"Club music on the highest level, played with intelligence and sophistication!"
Bühne Dresden, Jan. 2001





























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