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Ernst Bier / Mack Goldsbury Group
"Arteisa Sunrise"
Konnex Records KCD 5240


In 1994 Mack Goldsbury and I decided to put together a co-operative group. At that time guitarist Frank Möbus and bassist Ed Schuller were our partners. We released our first CD, "At night when you go to Sleep" (Timescraper) in 1996... [more]

  Cover: Wendel L. Malone / Robert Schalinski

Mack Goldsbury - Tenor-, Sopransax

Maciej Fortuna- Trumpet

Reggie Moore - Piano

Stefan Weeke - Bass

Ernst Bier - Drums


1. Watch Out For G.V Mack Goldsbury     8:44  
2. Artesia Sunrise Mack Goldsbury   10:45
3. Natalie Maciej Fortuna     9:35
4. A Love Remembered Reggie Moore   8:13
5. First Spring Mack Goldsbury     7:45
6. Elegant  Stefan Weeke 10:58
7. Siamese Mack Goldsbury   10:16


Recorded live at the Jazzclub A-TRANE  Berlin, Germany Dec. 29th 2008

Recorded by Marc Hausmann - www.retoxstudio.com

Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Weeke

Cover photo by Wendell L. Malone

Photo by Reinhard Müller

Artwork: Robert Schalinski

Produced by Manfred Schiek & Ernst Bier

Ernst Bier plays Pommerenke Drums - www.schlagzeugbetreuung.de

Stefan Weeke plays AER Amps - www.aer-amps.info


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In 1994 Mack Goldsbury and I decided to put together a co-operative group. At that time guitarist Frank Möbus and bassist Ed Schuller were our partners. We released our first CD, "At night when you go to Sleep" (Timescraper) in 1996

Trumpeter Herb Robertson moved from New York to Berlin. Since he had already played a lot with Mack and Ed when they were all living in New York, we invited him to join us. Our second CD, "Next Move" (BEV-Records), with Herb as a guest, followed. Meanwhile Ed married, returned to New York and Frank decided to concentrate on his own group, "Der Rote Bereich" as well as his recording projects with ACT records. That left us free to experiment, which led us directly to Hammond B3 organist Matthais Bätzel. A new quartet was formed - a new CD was recorded: "A-Live at the A-Trane" (Konnex Records). Later Herb Robertson moved back to New York…… pianist Reggie Moore and bassist Stefan Weeke became our new partners. In 2008 trumpeter Maciej Fortuna joined our group. 

We want to thank Sedal Sardan, who runs the Jazzclub A-Trane , for his continuous support!   www.a-trane.de



Jazz Podium April 2010

Since 1994, Berlin based drummer Ernst Bier and American saxophonist Mack Goldsbury, who’s been living in Berlin since 1992, have repeatedly collaborated at their preferred venue, the A-Trane jazz club, where, in December 2008, this CD was recorded live. On seven tracks, their energetic quintet, featuring pianist Reggie Moore, bassist Stefan Weeke and Polish trumpeter / flugelhorn player Maciej Fortuna, displays remarkable complexity and stylistic independence, while never negating their hardbop influences. In the long tunes, tightly woven and powerful Tutti passages interchange with highly expressive and inventive solos contributed by both tenor and soprano saxophonist Goldsbury, a representative of the energetic playing style, and Fortuna playing the trumpet or flugelhorn. Reggie Moore confirms his pianistic top position in Berlin's jazz scene- His expansive solo lines, while brimming with ideas, are always logically constructed, and his skills as an accompanist are made to measure. Accompanying the group with his powerful, highly dynamic playing and his unerring drive, Ernst Bier, one of Berlin's top drummers, constitutes the rhythmic backbone. He proves to be a first class player in his solos, where he displays a wealth of ideas while avoiding any uniform “spectacular” bashing.  Stefan Weeke adequately complements the rhythmic background. Moreover, his composition “Elegant" illustrates his competency as a soloist. Here Goldsbury plays some expansive passages on piccolo flute. Stylistically the quintet is rooted in Modern Jazz, utilizing historic lines as well as displaying noteworthy individuality and independence. This is reflected also in the group’s repertoire; with the exception of Ernst Bier, all musicians also appear as composers. At every tempo and in each bar, this performance is tight and multifaceted as well as technically and conceptually perfect. This CD is a first rate example of sophisticated modern jazz made in Berlin

                                                                            Gerhard Hopfe





"Arteisa Sunrise ", 2010


"A-Live at the A-Trane", 2003


"Next Move", 2000


"At Night When ...", 1996


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