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DrumBone - grown from "drums and trombone" to an inspiring symbiosis of two people and different ideas to create sounds.


The two musicians convey moods through music. A imaginative and expressive world of sounds welcomes the listener. The trombone finds sounds ranging from gentle murmurs to barking and animal sounds. The percussion embeds the trombone's singing in a rhythmic foliage, a swaying of the grasses, a crackling buckling and breaking or a rustling of gusts of wind. The music finds its bow in a calm stretching and re-concentration, brings the senses out of an arousal back into the steady rhythm of breathing out and breathing in. A tender concert awaits the listener, a music that leaves plenty of room for one's own sensations. 



Günter Heinz - tb, fl, zurna., electr.

born in Zeitz, studied mathematics in Halle, music in Dresden and Berlin. Initially worked as a mathematician at various universities, gaining his doctorate in 1983. Since 1987 freelance musician, world premiere of numerous contemporary compositions, concerts with improvised music, radio and CD recordings in Germany (organic music), Switzerland (For4Ears) and USA (ALEA). 1992-93 he was guest composer at the Electronic Studio of the Music Academy Basel. Collaboration with the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Neue Horizonte Bern and SEM-Ensemble New York. His compositions have been performed in Berlin, Moscow, Madrid and USA. Teaching assignments in Malta and Sardinia. In the field of jazz he has played with Bernd Köppen, Lou Grassi, Hartmut Dorschner, Kent Carter, Bill Elgart, Michael Lythel, Agusti Fernandez, Fred van Hove and others. He is artistic director of the Festival of Free Improvised Music in Dresden.


Ernst Bier - dr, perc, electr.

once a student of Billy Brooks, Charlie Persip, Vernell Fournier and Elvin Jones. With regard to his drumming, words such as "great empathy, devotion and constructiveness" were spoken early on, and the Bonner Rundschau newspaper attested him "musicality and playfulness". As he, like many European jazz musicians, feels the urge to "get to the roots", Bier consequently immerses himself in the New York scene from 1982 to 1987 - this is also where the first contacts to his current musical companions and friends Mack Goldsbury, Ed Schuller and Herb Robertson came from. Whether with the Perry Robinson Quartet, the Christoph Adams Trio or stars such as Attila Zoller, Chet Baker, Lester Bowie or Walter Norris, Ernst Bier is usually not simply involved as an executive drummer, but always develops his enormous organizational talent in addition to sound musical input. Back in Europe, active touring work follows in a large number of different projects, the search for the most lively scene finally leads him to Berlin. Regular workshops keep him in touch with the grassroots: among young jazz musicians his "Living School" in Berlin has become an institution.





Trade journal "weben+"No. 2/05

Cultural highlight was the musical JAZZ - IMPROVISATION of the Duo "Drumbone" from Berlin on the occasion of the exhibition "Grasgeflüster-Lebensgeister" by Lina Andrea Dippel www.textilkunst-lina-dippel.de. Curiosity was aroused by their three large, colourful wall hangings "Von großen Menschen" on the outside walls of the Werkhof, and the majority of the congress visitors made their way to the culture barn of the nearby Salderatzen Manor on Saturday evening. There, guided by the jazz sounds, at first very quiet and then increasingly urgent, they could let themselves fall into the high summer grass with all its chirping of crickets and croaking of frogs and whispering of wind and grass amidst the high woven carpets of silk, linen and grass hanging from the barn ceiling. "The joy of life", said Lina Andrea Dippel, "that's what she wanted to bring across". She and the Drumbone Duo really succeeded.


Frankenpost 8. 11. 05

Anyone who thinks that jazz only has an audience in larger cities was pleasantly surprised at the 10th Helmbrechts Jazz Weekend: A good 50 jazz lovers came to the opening concert, which was anything but mainstream. Trombonist Günter Heinz and drummer Ernst Bier communicated completely freely and detachedly between the finely woven. "Grasgeflüster-Lebensgeister" is the title of an exhibition by Lina Andrea Dippel from Thurnau, the backdrop was to the jazz concert. More than a backdrop: Heinz and beer drew from the colours and structures, just as the artist has not only used natural materials such as jute, silk, grasses and ears of corn in weaving, but has already introduced "music". She believed that the spirits of the listeners and viewers should be awakened and recommended the audience to "hear with their eyes and see with their ears". This was easy thanks to the pictorial tonal language of the two musicians. Not only could one hear the grass growing, but also the wind rustling through the reeds and the rain pearling, one could see elephants moving through the bush and shamans dancing before one's mind's eye. It rustled and roared, whispered and cawed, coughed and clicked. Ernst Bier not only worked on the drums in a creative way with hands, clappers and plastic bags, he also made plastic tubes swing. Günter Heinz dismantled his trombone into all its parts and made it sound, sometimes even swapped brass for wood and acted as a snake charmer. They both included the whole room and let the sound work - strange and familiar, near and far. Music was thus reduced to the essential: Sound and structure. Both arouse feelings and associations in the listener - just as a fabric has an effect on the viewer through colour and material. Weft and warp: the arrangement produces the pattern. Rhythm and tones interweave to form a carpet of sound. The Helmbrecht audience enjoyed the onomatopoeia, this meditation with alert senses. At the end, they applauded each other. The musicians rejoiced over the great attention, the audience thanked for a very special listening experience.








DrumBone - Grasgeflüster DVD



DrumBone - Grasgeflüster





Günter Heinz

mail: ernst.bier(at)jazzdrumming.de

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